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We Have Fancy Indoor Potted Plants For You

We Have Fancy Indoor Potted Plants For You

7th Aug 2023

We specialize in fancy, indoor potted plants…both flowering and foliage. We sell them "plain" (in grower pots), in arrangements and as gift plants!

Why buy potted plants at Field of Flowers?

Our competition is supermarkets, garden centers and mass market stores like Home Depot. They may offer lower prices on similar, but often inferior, products, with fewer available services. In cases where our quality is not better than theirs, our prices will be the same as theirs or lower. In other cases, our prices may be higher, if our overall quality and value are superior.


How do our grower plants offer better quality and value?

1.Our plants are grown for indoor use and are acclimated for that use in our stores. (At stores like Home Depot the plants are displayed in an outdoor, high-light, high-humidity space. Plants grown for full sun are displayed beside those that prefer heavy shade. When those plants are re-located to the relatively low light and humidity of a home or office they often do not acclimate well.)

2.Our plants are carefully watered, groomed and foliage is cleaned in our stores. (The mass merchants don’t take the trouble to do this. Their plants often look wilted and unkempt.)

3.Our plants are not exposed to ethylene gas. (This gas can cause damage to many types of plants, especially bloomers. In the grocery stores, plants are usually displayed very close to the produce departments where the fruits and vegetables produce large quantities of ethylene.)


4.We generally buy a better grade of plant. (There are many grades of plants available. The mass marketers focus on low price and therefore they buy lower grade. We focus on total value and are willing to pay more for better quality. For example, at Easter we offer a 6” pot size single stem Easter lily, same as Publix. But our plant will be larger and have a lot more flowers and buds per stem. Our plant may be priced higher but offers more value.)

5.Services are available if desired. (We can offer fast delivery service, gift presentation and arrangements of plants. The competition either does not offer these services or does an inferior job of it.)

6.Information is available via trained sales associates and customer information programs. (At the grocery stores potted plants are a very small part of their total business, so they don’t make the effort to develop plant expertise. Potted plants are a big part of our business, and we are expert at buying and caring for them.)

We at FOF will always work hard to make sure that we truly do offer superior value to buyers of fancy potted plants who are interested in more than just price. 



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