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How Do I Water My Orchid plant?

How Do I Water My Orchid plant?

4th Aug 2023

One of the most common questions we get here at Field of Flowers is how to water your orchid. It’s no surprise – it’s a good question. After all, you don’t see a lot of plants sold growing in moss with their roots visible.

So how do you water orchids?

The easiest way is to soak your orchid in a bowl of water once every week or two --- when the moss dries out. Avoid over-watering, which leads to the demise of many more orchids than under-watering. Constant wetness will cause the roots to rot, which leaves the plant without a means for taking up water and nourishment.This causes the leaves to droop and will eventually kill the plant. The classic advice is to water the day before the plant dries out. If you have to let the plant go dry to figure out what a dry plant weighs, it will not kill the plant and will make you a better grower.


It’s tough to give specific timing instructions for how often to water because your orchids will drink more or less water depending on different conditions, including:

-- Light: The brighter the light, the more water they often want
-- Temperature: The warmer it is, the more water they typically need
-- Humidity: The drier the air, the more water they usually need
-- Time of year: Many orchids rest in winter, so they don’t use as much water as they do in spring and summer.


Watering Orchids in Pots without Drainage Holes?

If your orchid is in a cache pot (a pot without a drainage hole to let excess water to escape), we recommend pulling the orchid's growing pot out of the decorative cache pot first. Water it in the sink, then place it back in the decorative pot after water has stopped dripping from the moss.

Orchids belong to one of the largest families of flowering plants, a diverse group that runs to 28,000 different types. They are found pretty much everywhere in the world, and come in all shapes and sizes. But what really distinguishes these indoor plants is, of course, their fantastic flowers. They come in a huge range of shades from magenta and purple, to yellow and orange, as well as pure white. Some have plain-colored petals while others are splashed or speckled with contrasting colors.

So if you love the idea of flower-filled shelves, then opt for orchids as these beauties will bloom for months. Give them the right care and the plants will last for years too.



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