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How do I care for my cut roses?

How do I care for my cut roses?

14th Sep 2023

There are hundreds of cultivated varieties of roses grown commercially.From all of these, our expert flower buyer chooses a dozen or so that meet our standards.They must not only be gorgeous, they must also have a great “vase life”.

If you follow the advice in the FAQ below, your roses will give you days and days of pleasure.

Roses are very delicate, short-lived flowers by nature,correct?

Not really. If one chooses the right cultivars and handles them properly, roses actually last longer than many other flowers. We find that customers report that their roses (of many different colors) last for as long as a week.


If a rose is "open" does that mean it is old?

No. A rose may be cut from the plant when it is very tight bud, and then be stored in a cooler for many days. That rose would be old even though it is a tight bud; and it would quickly wilt without ever opening. Another rose might be harvested when it is open, and that rose might be extremely fresh.It might last for a week before wilting. So, openness or tightness of a rose is no guarantee of freshness.

Remember... a rose is supposed open! That is part of the flower’s natural life cycle and part of what makes flowers so attractive. All roses should be partially open when purchased.If harvested too tight, they may never open.Roses that are cut at the tight bud stage are more prone to “bent neck”. That’s when the flower bends over at the neck without ever opening.


How can I tell if a rose is not fresh?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult even for experts to tell just by looking at it if a rose has been stored in a cooler for a long time. (Of course, one you buy it and put it in water, it will soon become evident.) Your best assurance of freshness is to buy from a quality-oriented merchant who buys from reputable growers... and therefore can guarantee that the roses will last. That's what Field of Flowers does!

Should I remove the leaves and thorns from roses?

Yes and no. You should remove any leaves that are going to be under the water. If left on, they will rot and promote growth of microorganisms in the water. Sanitary water is very important, as microorganisms can block the tiny xylem tubes that carry water up the stem to the flower. As for thorns, it is best not to remove them unless they get in the way as you are arranging your roses. Any damage to the stem allows cell material to flow into the water and that promotes growth of microorganisms. It also may damage the xylem tubes. If you do remove thorns, try to remove only the tip and not disturb the “bark” of the stem.




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