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Summer at Field Of Flowers

Summer at Field Of Flowers

6th Jun 2023

Summer is here! That means we have warmer days ahead of us, the sun is shining bright, and we get to enjoy longer evenings outside with our flowers. A wide range of season blossoms arrive in vibrant colors like flaming magenta, golden yellow, and electric purple when the full summer sun is in full swing!

Vivacious, vibrant, and happy flowers in our store.

We are stocked and ready to provide you with some of the most stunning summer blooms. Whether it be for your outside garden or a beautiful vibrant arrangement for the dining room table, we got what you need! 

We feel summer is something to be celebrated, and what better way than to show you all what we’ve been creating with all of this beauty..


Which are the blooms I speak of, you ask?! Well, let me tell you…

1. Begonia

This is a good choice for your garden if you don't get a lot of sun but want a lot of color. These waxy-leafed plants mound really nicely and are great in borders or mixed in your containers. They're pretty low maintenance, too.

2. Daisy

Friendliest flower is a carefree showstopper in your garden. 

3. Delphinium

These these tall spires have a stately presence in your garden beds. They like full sun, and if you cut back the stems of the first bloom, you can often get a second showing from these perennials.


4. Gerbera Daisies

This is the cheerful flower! These annuals come in various electric colors ranging from pink, yellow, orange, & white.

5. Lilies

Trumpet-shaped Asiatic Lilies like this Stargazer make great cut flowers. They come in a wide range of brilliant colors from white, yellows, pinks, and oranges, and their heady scent will have the bees buzzing around. They prefer full sun but will also flower in part shade.

6. Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of the taller summer plants, so if you want to add them to your garden, pick a spot in the back of your bed or cluster them all together in one spot. They're pretty hardy, easy to grow blooms that peak in the middle of summer through early fall.