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Sending Flowers Out of Town

Sending flower arrangements out-of-town online? 
Get the inside secrets from Field of Flowers.

It's smart to pay more for something when you get more for your money. It's never smart to pay more for nothing. 

You get nothing for your money if you pay a big service charge when ordering a flower arrangement online. Yet, many promoters of sending these orders add a big service charge to every order. 

Is there a way to avoid paying the service charge altogether? Yes! To explain how, we're going to let you in on some of the inside secrets of this business.

Secret #1:
All of the companies that offer long-distance delivery of florist-designed arrangements are acting as middlemen. 
They take the order and then send it to a "filling florist" near the recipient who actually creates and delivers the arrangement.

Secret #2:
Not all middlemen are alike. 
Some middlemen, like Field of Flowers, are also true floral merchants and craftsmen whose primary business is to create and deliver floral arrangements in their local communities.  But some online companies are only in the business of acting in the middleman role. 

Secret #3:
The service charge is extra profit that is kept by the middleman. It does not go to the florist who actually fills your order. 
Let's say you place an order with one of the big service charge middlemen for delivery of an arrangement costing $50 including delivery. The middleman adds a service charge of $14.99, making your total cost $64.99. However, the filling florist receives only the $50 order and fills it for $50. 

Now let's say you place an order for the same arrangement with Field of Flowers. There is no service charge. The filling florist fills it for $50 and your total cost is $50... a savings of $14.99! 

That's the wonderful secret! You don't have to keep paying for nothing, because Field of Flowers offers you free sending when you order online at We will have your floral order delivered almost anywhere in North America with no service charge.

However, you might wonder about the quality. Are the companies with big service charges able to deliver better quality?

Secret #4:
Independent local florists fill most of these orders.

Independent local florists fill nearly all of these orders. Most of these florists are affiliates of major floral networks or "wire services", as is Field of Flowers. Some of them are also members of Field of Flowers' own network of Preferred Florists. This means that the same "filling florist" may fill your order whether you place it with a big service charge middleman or with Field of Flowers! In fact, we feel that the independent florists who make up our Preferred Florist network are the finest in the business, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied by the flowers that they deliver.

So, you may ask, if Field of Flowers provides this service for free, how do you make money?

Secret #5:
When you send an out-of-town order via a middleman, the middleman makes a commission.
By charging no service charge, Field of Flowers generates a high volume of out-going orders. In fact, ranked by the number of orders sent, we are in the top 100 out of 15,000 affiliates of the major wire services that we use. The commission we earn on each order is enough for us to make a profit, since we don't spend tons of money on advertising as some others do. 

So be smart. Place your out-of-town orders at


Others Service Fee $14.99 - Price Checked 10/05/17


(By the way, if you prefer to place your out-of-town order by phone, we still offer the best deal around. On phone orders our service charge is only $10.95. That's about 27% less than many big service charge middlemen.)





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