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Field of Flowers was founded in 1990 by Donn Flipse, a third generation florist in South Florida, and now has locations covering the Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Boca Raton metro areas. Field of Flowers has been awarded as “Best Florist” by numerous organizations including the Boca Forum and Sun Sentinel, Davie and Cooper City Gazette, CBS Local Miami has named Field of Flowers the “Best Floral Shop.” We have the largest selection of fresh flowers, flower arrangements and plant gifts, and are open 7 days a week with same day delivery and 2 locations to serve you.

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Tips for Healthy Plants


Tips for Healthy Plants

Care Tips for Popular Potted Plants

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If you've had flowers delivered, you might not be sure exactly how to care for this new plant. Let your local florist help.

Tips for healthy plants

Live plants from our Field of Flowers florists are carefully selected for their health, beauty and superb value. This means you’re sure to find the most luxurious plants at the lowest possible price. Our plants are intended for indoor and patio use, although some can be moved outdoors, after acclimation. We offer individual blooming and foliage plants, as well as plants arranged together in a basket or container.

What’s the best way to water live plants or plant arrangements?
Use the “soaking method.” Remove the plant from its basket or saucer, and place it where the roots can be soaked and drained (i.e., a tub, sink or outdoors). After thoroughly draining, replace the plant in its container.

How often should I water?
It depends on many variables. However, there are two ways to determine if your plant needs water. “Hefting the plant” means picking it up and feeling its weight. A dry plant is lighter than a soaked one. After doing this several times, you quickly learn the “feel” of the plant and know if it needs water. Another way is the “finger in the soil” method. Stick your finger in about one inch deep. If it feels just slightly moist or dry, its time to water.

How much light is needed?
Field of Flowers plants are grown for indoor and patio use. Do not place in full, direct sun. Every plant has different requirements, but indirect, bright light is best. Artificial light can also be used, as long as there is enough intensity, and enough hours each day. As a rule, if you can comfortably read a newspaper in a room, there is enough light for a plant. In dim rooms, rotate plants to a bright place on a regular basis.

Is temperature important?
Yes. Most blooming plants such as azaleas, chrysanthemums and begonias like to be in relatively cool places with high light. Don’t put your plant on a TV set or near other heat generating appliances. Green plants and some blooming plants, like African violets and gloxinia, like to be warm.

Is it true that plants are good for me?
Absolutely. Plants improve the air you breathe and decrease indoor air pollution by filtering out harmful toxins and replacing them with oxygen. This is acknowledged as scientific fact.